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OSCONMicrosoft returns to the O’Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON) in Portland, Oregon next week. For us, OSCON is a great opportunity to meet and interact with developers, programmers, systems engineers and administrators who live and breathe open source every day. We’re excited to participate in this forum, as it gives us a chance to hear and see firsthand what exciting developments are happening and how and what bridges we can build to improve interoperability between platforms.

Jean Paoli, Microsoft General Manager for Interoperability Strategy, will be keynoting on Thursday, talking about “Open Cloud, Open Data.” Jean has played a pivotal role in Microsoft’s interoperability efforts over the past few years and he continues to explore opportunities to create greater interoperability in new technical areas and with emerging platforms. In his keynote, Jean plans to address how interoperability is at the core of Microsoft’s vision of a cloud that can capture the imaginations of developers, unleash their creativity and enable them to build new breakthrough applications.

If you won’t be at OSCON in person, you can still watch the keynote presentations through a streaming feed on the O’Reilly OSCON site.

A crew of Microsoft people will be on the ground and would love to talk all things interop and open source with you. If you have a question, an idea, an observation, just poke us @openatmicrosoft or me @jccim, we’ll see you there. We will also have several speakers presenting track sessions throughout the week and I encourage you to check them out. Links to the session summaries are provided below.

CoApp: Bringing Open Source Package Management to Windows
Garrett Serack
, Software Development Engineer for Microsoft
Date: Wednesday, July 21
Location: E143/E144
Discover the changing landscape of Open Source on Windows, and how the introduction of the Common Opensource Application Publishing Platform is driving performance, stability and quality into OSS applications on Windows.

Build Mission Critical Cloud Applications on Windows Azure Platform using Open Source Technologies
Vijay Rajagopalan
, Principal Architect for Microsoft
Date: Thursday, July 22
Location: E143/E144
The purpose of this session is to demonstrate Microsoft's commitment to openness and interoperability by practical Cloud Application development scenarios on Windows Azure using Open Source Technologies and Languages

Private Cloud Deployment with Microsoft and Novell: Driving Transformational Architecture in the Enterprise
Fabio Da Cunha
, Senior Manager, Interoperability Alliances for Microsoft
Frank Rego, Senior Product Manager for Novell
Date: Thursday, July 22
Location: E143/E144
The evolution of cloud computing promises significant efficiency gains and cost savings over today’s distributed architecture model. Many IT leaders, however, face tough choices about what to deploy to evolve their data center while, at the same time, leveraging existing assets and managing to a flat or often declining budget.

Reactive Extensions For JavaScript
Erik Meijer
, Architect for Microsoft
Date: Thursday, July 22
Location: Portland 255
The "A" in "AJAX" stands for "Asynchronous" and indeed almost all Web and mobile applications have to be written in an asynchronous and event-driven style. Reactive Extensions for JavaScript is a library for coordinating and orchestrating asynchronous and concurrent computations in a high-level and declarative way.

Advancing Interoperability, Patient Safety, and Efficiency with the Microsoft Connected Health Platform Open Toolkits
Teddy Bachour
, Sr. Technical Strategist for Microsoft
Date: Friday, July 23
Location: F151
The Microsoft Connected Health Platform (CHP) provides open toolkits and guidance for the information and communication technology (ICT) community to help them speed architecture, design and deployment of interoperable, efficient, and scalable e-Health infrastructures and solutions for the health industry.

See you there!

-- Jean-Christophe Cimetiere, Sr. Technical Evangelist, @openatmicrosoft

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