phpBB: Available for the Microsoft Web Platform

From the Microsoft Web Platform Team Blog:

“ Today Microsoft is announcing that the Windows Web Application Gallery and Web Platform Installer (Web PI) now supports the download of the new phpBB release, which supports Windows, IIS and SQL Server. logo_phpbb_thumb_1

Version 3.0.7-PL1 of phpBB takes advantage of a number of features for PHP applications on the Microsoft Web Platform with Windows, IIS and SQL Server including:

  • SQL Server Driver for PHP 1.1, provides key interoperability for PHP applications to use SQL Server for data storage. Released under the OSI approved MS-PL license and available on CodePlex.

  • WinCache Extension for PHP 1.0.1, provides increased performance for PHP applications on Windows and IIS. Released under the BSD license, is available from the PHP Extension Community Library (PECL) website. “

More on the Microsoft Web Platform Team Blog: Announcing phpBB: Available for the Microsoft Web Platform.

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  2. Good News says:

    The Microsoft Web Platform is an integrated toolset that helps simplify the process of installing PHP,  databases, and products like Drupal.  phpBB has now been added to that list and will help you install this widely popular product on the Windows platform at <a href="…/a>.

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