PHP developers get more choices with Windows Azure, Bing, and SQL Azure

web2.0 Today I presented a session at the Web 2.0 Expo in New York called Cloud Computing with Windows Azure Using Your Preferred Technology.
During my talk, I stepped the audience through a series of demonstrations in which non-Microsoft tools and programming technologies, such as PHP or Java, were used natively to create cloud computing solutions with the Windows Azure platform. I also had the exciting opportunity to debut new open source projects:


If you want more detail about these projects, just click the links above. There you’ll find additional information, including videos.

I was very fortunate to have Tim Wise from Dominos Pizza as a guest speaker in my session; he showed how Dominos dealt with the problem of handling peak website loads (like on SuperBowl Sunday) by using Windows Azure for scale-out. What makes the Dominos demo very interesting is that the Dominos web-application is a Java Application running on TomCat. A true testament to the interoperability of the Windows Azure Platform!
Read this blog post for more details: “Domino’s Demonstrates Tomcat Site on Windows Azure

I received some very interesting questions and feedback about these projects from those who attended my talk, so I want to extend a big thanks to everyone for their input. It’s been really nice to be at Web 2.0 and connect with real-world developers building next generation websites and applications.

--Sumit Chawla, Technical PM/Architect, Microsoft Interoperability Team


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