Building PHP simple database applications for SQL Server, Windows Azure Storage and SQL Azure

The SQL CRUD Wizard for PHP is a wizard type application that can be used to generate a simple "Create, Read, Update, Delete" PHP application from a Microsoft SQL Server, Windows Azure Storage and SQL Azure database table. The generated PHP application supports paging, sorting and simple CSS customization. The generated PHP Application Code, generated by the PHP to SQL CRUD Wizard, includes logic for CRUD functionality between the PHP application and a SQL Server database instance on the web server. This project initiated last spring was developed by Accenture, with Microsoft providing funding.

You can see an overview of the architecture, the configuration steps, and a quick demo of the wizard in the following Channel9 screencast:

Get Microsoft Silverlight

Here’s in a nutshell the logical architecture and flow of the wizard:


You can get more details about the project and download it from here.

--Sumit Chawla, Technical Product Manager/Architect, Microsoft Interoperability Team

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