Partnering to foster Eclipse and Microsoft platform interoperability

I’m very happy about today’s announcements at the Eclipse Summit in Ludwigsburg, Germany. Microsoft,Tasktop and Soyatec announced a series of projects to help developers using the Eclipse platform do two things: take advantage of new features in Microsoft® Windows 7 and Window Server 2008 R2 and reinforce Java and PHP interoperability with Windows® Azure and…

Roadmap for Outlook Personal Folders (.pst) Documentation

By Paul Lorimer, Group Manager, Microsoft Office Interoperability [UPDATE: 05/24/2010, Two open source projects to facilitate interoperability with Outlook .pst data files][UPDATE: 02/20/2010, New Office Documentation Now Publicly Available ]  Data portability has become an increasing need for our customers and partners as more information is stored and shared in digital formats. One scenario that…


Microsoft Interoperability at Zend PHP Conference 2009

ZendCon 2009 just wrapped up on Thursday. It was held at the San Jose McEnery conference center from the 19-22 October 2009. The conference is a great opportunity to catch up on PHP development and deployment. There are intensive tutorials and crash courses where developers can get up to speed quickly and get certified. An…


PHP with Microsoft’s OGDI via ADO.NET and REST (OData)

My last post, Microsoft, Interoperability at XML-in-Practice 2009 mentioned a project  called Open Government Data Initiative (OGDI) which complements by providing an SDK that allows you to easily access publicly available government data. It’s a pretty useful tool to quickly build applications on top of the datasets. I had a couple of questions on…



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Microsoft, Interoperability at XML-in-Practice 2009

I have just returned from a busy two days in the Washington DC area for XML-in-Practice 2009. The event was held in the Arlington VA Hilton on September 30 and October 1. The conference’s purpose is to showcase real world applications and solutions that XML has enabled, enhanced and or made possible. The event was…


Instant Messaging Interoperability extended through XMPP and new partnerships

Today, Microsoft announced a new XMPP Gateway for Office Communications Server 2007 R2 that enables interoperability with Cisco Jabber/XMPP and Google Talk, along with new licensing options for Office Communications Server customers to connect with AOL and Windows Live (read the details of the announcement). I had a chance to seat down with Ashima Singhal…