A busy OSCON for Microsoft on Interoperability and open source


O’Reilly OSCON (Open Source Convention) has been an opportunity for Microsoft to make significant announcements and unveil new projects. For sure, Microsoft’s participation did not go unnoticed :), in fact it has been a busy week for us.

First we announced the release of Linux Device Drivers, to enhance the performance of Linux when virtualized on Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V. The source code has also been submitted to the Linux Community. Read Peter Galli’s post on Port25: Microsoft Releases Device Driver Code to the Linux Community) and check the Channel9 interview.

The next announcement was the Live Services Plug-in for Moodle, a free download released under the General Public License v2 that integrates Microsoft's Live@edu services such as email, calendar, instant messaging and search directly into the Moodle experience. Read more on the “Microsoft On the Issues” blog: Microsoft Develops Plug-in for Moodle to Aid Teachers, Students and check out the Channel9 interview:

Then Vijay Rajagopalan, Principal Architect for Interoperability Technical Strategy team presented a session titled “Interoperability - Build Mission Critical Applications in PHP, Ruby, Java and Eclipse Using Microsoft Software +  Services” where he discussed our approach to interoperability & open source and illustrated this with three (Eclipse4SL, PHP Application development in Azure & .NET Services) of the open source initiatives that enabled bridging Microsoft Software + Service & Open Source Technologies. Finally, Vijay unveiled progress made on PHP SDK for Azure & tooling in Eclipse. He has demoed a prototype earlier this year at MIX. This time Vijay showed us how you can do "create, read, update & delete" (CRUD) operations on Azure Storage from the Eclipse IDE, leveraging the PHP SDK for Azure, screenshot below:


Stay tuned, we’ll be able to say more about this in a few weeks.

Vijay’s presentation is available for download (PDF & PPTX).

It’s been an exciting conference, and I hope you can appreciate all the activities and projects that Microsoft is driving to show openness and interoperability in action.

By the way if you want to follow us more closely on these topics, check out OpenAtMicrosoft twitter line.

Jean-Christophe Cimetiere, Sr. Technical Evangelis


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