Document Interoperability Initiative, document-format implementation notes, and more…

Hi, my name is Jas Sandhu and I am an evangelist on the Microsoft Interoperability Strategy Team. I manage our overall Document Interoperability Initiative community outreach, working with Doug Mahugh and many others in the Office team.


On Friday we published Office 2007 SP2 implementation notes for the ECMA-376 1st Edition (aka Open XML). 

I invite you to read Doug's post to get more details

This new drop follows the publication of the ODF 1.1 implementation notes in December.
The implementation notes site is

DII Web site -

This is also an opportunity for me to shed some light on the goals of the Document Interoperability Initiative, which  -from the website - are:

DII Goals

We will use this blog to report what's going on regarding these goals and to report more broadly on document format interoperability.

Progress is being made on working together as a community and we are keen to foster such collaborative work. Implementer notes are incredibly useful, but to understand interoperability issues, sometimes it requires stepping back and discussing different approaches with others who save similar goals.

This is what we're doing with the DII workshops that we've been running around the world since last year. The most recent DII workshop took place in Brussels. Some of the organizations that participated include Fraunhofer, Dialogika, SourceSense, Wygwam, RealDolmen, Fedict, IRIS, Getronics, Ovum and Microsoft. You can find more here on the DII website and also on the blog of the some of the participants: Martin BalliauwJulien Chable. Here's the Network World story about the event. 
We also produced a 5 minute recap that will give you a good overview of what happened:


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