Demand forecasting for hierarchical data

Introduction Demand forecasting is an essential component of supply chain management. Accurate demand forecast leads to more effective production planning, better inventory management, or more accurate capacity planning. We collaborated with UXC Eclipse, a global Dynamics partner, to build a customer-tailored application for demand forecasting using Cortana Intelligence Suite components. The solution not only improved…


Recommendation API now available through Microsoft Cognitive services

Recommendation API has moved from its home in Data marketplace to a new home in Cognitive services. All of our customers have already moved to consume the service from its new location. If you are trying out the service and have built some infrastructure and integrations, this post will provide you all that is needed…


Predictive Maintenance for Construction Machinery

Dynamics AX proves to be a great platform for managing fleet predictive maintenance. Machine breakdowns cost construction companies time, money, and opportunity. These costs can be managed and minimized if they are planned days or weeks in advance—but how do we predict which machines will be in need of service? Using Cortana Intelligence Suite (CIS) components, we collaborated with…


Set of machine learning models on Sales Pipeline

Every sales team wants to sell more. They want to know health of sales pipeline and determine whether they will meet quota at end of quarter or not. Below is comprehensive list of machine learning models you can use on sales pipeline. Good news is you need not have to spend years to built it….


Introducing a new portal for you to play and learn with us

We have been at work quietly with several of our customers and partners to develop intelligence from their dynamics 365 data. We dug deep into these datasets, created machine learning models and teased out the hidden patterns. However, we have been looking for a way to share what we have learnt in a manner that…


Describing reorder point problem

How much to order when and which replenishment policy to use for which product and questions of similar nature are asked all the time among folks responsible for managing operations at a distribution center or in a manufacturing plant. The problem is well-understood but not necessary simple. Choices are many. Here is a short deck…


Opportunity scoring for Sales Force

In June 2016, Microsoft team has released a model to score opportunities.’ Earlier with the model, Microsoft team released a solution “Opportunity Scoring” that to score opportunities in Dynamics CRM. Now a solution is also available for Sales Force. If you use Sales Force to manage your sales pipeline – you can download the solution….


Machine Learning Workshop in Charlotte, NC

Hello everyone, Just two weeks ago in Charlotte, NC, the Microsoft Dynamics and Cortana Intelligence team held a 2 day workshop for our Industry Partners at the Microsoft campus off of Arrowood Road.  In attendance was an array of partners who provide Dynamics AX and CRM customers with actionable business intelligence, forecasting and integration support.  We had…


Learning with Partners at WPC 2016

Hey folks, What a whirlwind WPC2016 was this year!  I was happy to see Dynamics 365 get unveiled and to hear Satya talk about the Common Data Model.  We’re very excited to see unification happen on the various entity models that have evolved over the years and to see another example of the One Microsoft strategy…


Looking forward to WPC

Hey folks, WPC is just a few weeks away and I wanted to take a moment to update folks on the sessions that should be of particular interest to System Integrators / Value-Added-Resellers and Independent Software Vendors (SIs/VARs/ISVs) that are investigating and/or developing solutions for customers incorporating components of the Cortana Intelligence Suite.  Here’s a few sessions that…