Machine Learning Workshop in Charlotte, NC

Hello everyone,

Just two weeks ago in Charlotte, NC, the Microsoft Dynamics and Cortana Intelligence team held a 2 day workshop for our Industry Partners at the Microsoft campus off of Arrowood Road.  In attendance was an array of partners who provide Dynamics AX and CRM customers with actionable business intelligence, forecasting and integration support.  We had a busy two day schedule where the class learned and participated hands-on in the integration from Cortana Intelligence Cognitive APIs into Dynamics AX.  We also built and operationalized machine learning models using Azure Machine Learning; we wired up data from AX through the entity store and Azure Data Factory to make a data pipeline capable of retraining that model (as purchases and catalogs change, so should the model); and we had a fun time playing with Event Hub, Stream Analytics, and PowerBI to show how streaming IOT data can be filtered and processed using Azure.

It was exciting to see the participation, the questions and the overall engagement from the class, and I wanted to thank folks for making the trip from far-off places (or not so far) to attend.

Our Workshop Class in Charlotte, NC

Our Workshop Class in Charlotte, NC

Thanks to all who participated and made this a fun and engaging two days!

Materials from the course are publicly available here:

Non-public materials from the course (such as source code and sample applications) can be requested .


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