Windows Phone 7 to Ship More Than 20 Games

Joel Evans at ZDNet writes in his recent post that “InformationWeek is reporting that Microsoft has hired Touch Dimensions to build at least twenty casual entertainment games. According to the developers, the games will range form a Whack-a-Mole clone to a digital sketch pad, and will feature extensive use of the touch screen.” While it…


RSS Reader Sample App for Windows Phone 7

This is a simple RSS reader application that shows how easy it is to build applications for Windows Phones 7. In particular, it shows how to work with XML & LINQ to XML. You can download the source code at codeplex.


Two FREE Windows Phone 7 Hands-on Training Events

Registration is available at the links below. Microsoft main campus, Redmond, WA – May 18th and May 19th Hilton Santa Clara, CA – May 25th and May 26th Attendees are expected to bring their own laptops and to participate in the Hands-On Labs, and to write their own applications. Technical prerequisites: Supported Operating Systems: Windows…


Windows Phone 7 Emulator Inside Out

If you are curious about how the Windows Phone 7 emulator works, for example, how the touch function works between the host and the guest environments, you may want to check out this Channel9 interview by Yochay Kiriaty, Senior Technical Evangelist, with the Windows Phone and Tools team members including Amit Chopra, Raghuram Lanka, and…


The Silverlight Translator

Need a quick translation to impress your business colleagues or maybe order from the menu at a fancy French restaurant? Check-out this blog post where, at the intersection of Silverlight and the Microsoft Translator Interactive SDK -  you can now easily integrate translation capabilities into your Silverlight web application or even Windows Phone 7 Application….


DoodlePad – A Sketching App for Windows Phone 7

Our Developer Evangelist David Isbitski recently completed a nice sketching application for Windows Phone 7 and documented the thought process behind the fun project in a blog post. If you are interested to see how the app works and maybe improve it, you can download the source code and run it on the emulator.


Bring Panoramic View to Your Windows Phone 7 Applications

My colleague Stephane Crozatier created a nice panorama control for Windows Phone 7. It is a sample implementation of a Silverlight control that allows to create "Hub" applications on Windows Phone 7 Series. You can find more detail about what the control is at his blog post, and download the source code and two sample…


Windows Phone Developer Tools CTP For Visual Studio 2010 RTM

The wait is over; you can now download the Windows Phone Developer Tools CTP Refresh from the Windows Phone web site at With this CTP, you can develop and test Windows Phone 7 apps on the RTM version of Visual Studio 2010 (VS2010). There are several improvements in the CTP, including an updated Windows…


Charlie Kindel Talks About Windows Phone 7 with David Meyer at ZDNet UK

In a recent interview with David Meyer, senior reporter at ZDNet UK,  Charlie Kindel, head of development for Windows Phone 7, shares his view and thoughts on a number of interesting topics, ranging from rich user experience, multitasking, application development, and possibility of future support of Silverlight and Flash in the mobile browser. Check out…


Windows Phone Developer Tools CTP Incompatible with Visual Studio 2010 RTM

Now that Visual Studio 2010 has been officially released, you may be wondering if you can use the RTM version, along with the Windows Phone Developer Tools CTP version, to create/test Windows Phone 7 applications. The answer is NO, not until an upgrade of the Windows Phone Developer Tools is available.   Our suggestions are…