Financial Institutions See Benefits of Windows 7

Several financial services customers recently shared their Windows 7 deployment stories with Microsoft, and emphasized the advanced power management, lower TCO and utilization costs and improved performance they’re seeing. More detail here.


Microsoft Releases Windows 7 Technologies to Device Manufacturers

Microsoft just announced the release to manufacturing of Windows Embedded Standard 7. Steve Guggenheimer, corporate vice president of the Original Equipment Manufacturer Division at Microsoft, shared more insight around recent OEM and partner activities with Windows Embedded Standard 7 in his blog. Developers use Windows Embedded Standard 7 to create a variety of smart, connected,…


Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7 Now Available to You

I’ve been showing customers some of Windows multitouch applications that come with the Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7, but had to tell them that the Pack is only available on machines and devices made by Microsoft OEM partners. I have good news to share now. Based on feedback and requests from partners and customers,…


ARCast.TV – High Value Asset Tracking with Bing Maps, Silverlight and Windows 7

OuterLink, based in Lowell, MA, builds high value asset tracking and communication technology. OuterLink creates the technology that allows users to track the location of their high value assets (aircraft, ambulances, etc.) in real-time on an interactive map and communicate with the pilot/driver in situations where traditional communication is not available. Their solution is used…


Windows XP Mode: Hardware Assisted Virtualization No Longer Required

With a recent upgrade from Microsoft, Windows XP Mode will NO LONGER require hardware virtualization technology to run. This is great news for anyone and any organization that plans to run Windows XP mode on machines with CPUs that are not equipped with hardware assisted virtualization technology support. A few notes on Windows XP Mode….


Bing’s Best 2 – A New Theme for Windows 7

Windows 7 comes with a few carefully selected out of the box themes – Windows 7 (default), architecture, characters, landscapes, nature, scenes and United States. The Bing’s team at Microsoft released the first Bing’s Best Windows 7 theme pack last October, to bring the stunning visual experience to desktop users. The theme pack was so…


Customizing Internet Explorer 8 for Windows 7

IE 8 comes with Windows 7. Organizations who are interested to customize IE 8 as companies like eBay, Yahoo and Google did don’t have to look too far; the solution is the Internet Explorer Administration Kit, which is freely available at Microsoft Technet. Internet Explorer Administration Kit provides administrators with powerful, easy-to-use options designed to…


Windows 7 Multitouch Application Helps Streamline Business-critical Operations

Named one of “America’s 200 Best Small Companies” by Forbes magazine in 2009, Tyler Technologies built a Windows 7 multitouch solution for a public sector customer. Using the Windows 7 operating system for its enhanced touch capabilities, and the upcoming Microsoft .NET Framework 4 and Windows Presentation Foundation 4.0 technologies, Tyler Technologies completed a prototype…


OuterLink Adopts Windows 7, Bing Maps and Silverlight

Bob Familiar details OuterLinks adoption of Windows 7, Silverlight and Bing Maps. OuterLink, a leader in the high value asset tracking industry is using Silverlight, Bing Maps and Windows 7 to drive innovation in this safety and security focused business. Get the architecture details… OuterLink, based in Lowell, MA, builds high value asset tracking and…