Curse Client Application Lights-Up with New Windows 7 Features

CurseClient0 CurseGames CurseWin7 is largest MMO (Massive Multi-player Online) gaming web portal in the United States and serves-up millions of games add-on’s for popular games like World of Warcraft, WarHammer, and Runes of Magic. Their users represent some of the most affluent and influential online users.  If you are a true player, then you already know that the Curse Client is an add-on manager that allows you to browse, install, and update all your essential on-line gaming add-on’s.  Curse is an integral part of the MMO experience, providing core gamers the tools and expertise they need to take their gaming to the next level.

The Curse Client for Windows is a .NET Rich Client application that utilizes the Click-Once deployment technologies in the .NET framework to provide full support for publishing and updating Windows applications including detecting dependencies and installing pre-requisite components.

Windows 7 provides a set of new application “Light-up” features that provide new capabilities to enhance the client application user experience with context-sensitive access to recent data items and relevant tasks along with new visual metaphors to convey application program status.


These new features offered Curse the ability to create a differentiated Windows 7 experience for their popular Windows download client application:

  • Task Bar Integration provides rich data visualization feedback capabilities for monitoring application’s progress and performance.
  • Jump-list Integration provides <right-click> access to recent items, common tasks,and relevant services.
  • Application Icon Overlays provide instant visual feedback for communicating application status updates.

Recently, the Curse Client application was updated to take advantage of some of these cool new application features in Windows 7 – which now gives Curse the ability to implement an enhanced visual experience and integrated services client for their ever-growing gaming community.

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