Silverlight 4 Tools for Visual Studio 2010 RTW Now Available


The final version of the Silverlight 4 Tools plug-in for Visual Studio is now available for download.

Please proceed to the Getting Started page at Silverlight.NET to proceed with the download or click here for the direct link.

Silverlight 4 Tools for Visual Studio 2010 includes several features:

  • Support for targeting Silverlight 4 in the Silverlight designer and project system
  • RIA Services application templates and libraries
  • Support for Silverlight 4 elevated trust and out-of-browser applications and other new Silverlight 4 features, including
    • Working with Implicit Styles
      • Go To Value Definition lets you directly get to styles from your page
      • Style Intellisense lets you easily modify styles
    • Working with Data Source Window outputs
      • Drag and drop from the data source window and see the data can, from which you can easily select and modify your data source information
      • Add, remove, and re-sort DSW outputs using the Grid Row and Column context menu
      • Move your controls around the form and change alignments in bulk using the margin editor
      • Add sample data to see item templates and bindings at design time
    • Working with Silverlight 4 Out-of-browser applications
      • Automatically launch and debug your OOB app from inside the IDE
      • Specify XAP signing for trusted OOB apps
      • Set the OOB window characteristics

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  1.…/final-release-of-silverlight-4-tools-for-visual-studio-2010-is-now-available.aspx has a full announcement of the new features, together with a short video that runs through many of them.

    Check it out!


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