Announcing the IE8 Innovation Showcase Web Slice

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Looking for an “Innovative” way to stay connected with all the fast-paced  updates on the MSDN Innovation Showcase blog? 

Try-out the new Internet Explorer 8 Web Slice for the Innovation Showcase:

What’s an IE8  Web Slice? It’s a type of add-on for Internet Explorer 8 browsers that allows savvy web site operators to let their users “subscribe” to web pages or other updates on the website such as RSS or Twitter feeds. 

Users who have subscribed to your web slice the IE8 browser can see what’s happening on your site – no matter where they are browsing.  When the web slice font turns bold – it signals to your users that new data has arrived been published on your site.


RSS Feed = instant Web Slice  The absolute easiest way to create an IE8  web slice is to simply point the slice to an existing RSS or ATOM feed for a web site or Blog.  This is EXACTLY all the development effort it took to create the Innovation Showcase web slice!


Get Thee to the Gallery To get the maximum exposure for your IE8 Web Slices and Accelerators - be sure to upload them to the IE Gallery at


This site gets MILLIONS of hits from folks looking for IE8 add-on’s - and – the best part - its also FREE!

To learn more – visit the Internet Explorer Developer Center:

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