Protecting Users at Internet Scale with IE8


Malware has become the scourge of the Internet, and it’s not just the security experts who are worried—the top story in my morning paper yesterday described how a typical malware attack compromised a financial firm’s network.

Current data shows that one out of every 250 downloads is the result of a user being tricked into downloading malware to their PC.

Check-out this blog post by the IE Team where they outline how the SmartScreen® Filter protects IE8 users from such attacks, and how since IE8 was launched in March 2009, SmartScreen has blocked over 560 million attempts to download malware, recently averaging over 3 million blocks per day!

Hosted in datacenters around the world, SmartScreen’s URL Reputation Service (URS) has evaluated over 250 billion URLs to help keep IE8 users safe from malware. Even more impressively, since IE7’s Phishing Filter was introduced in 2005, the URS has processed over 5.7 trillion requests to block malicious web sites.

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