Internet Explorer 8 Officially World’s Most Used Browser


January Browser Market Share data released by Net Applications cites Internet Explorer 8 as the most used browser.

This news comes on the heels of Google’s announcement late last week that they are phasing out Internet Explorer 6 support on two Google Apps products, Docs and Sites, and encouraging users to upgrade to a more recent browser.  Google is also phasing out support for Chrome 3.0, Firefox 2 and Safari 2.

Their decision to phase-out support stems from the Internet Explorer 6 vulnerability that led to a Google hack in China last month.

In Europe, the UK Department of Health encouraged the National Health Service (NHS) to move off of Internet Explorer 6 to a more recent browser, and security officials from France and Germany have also urged users to stop using Internet Explorer 6.

Microsoft’s recommendation to users has been to move away from Internet Explorer 6 and download Internet Explorer 8. 

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