Adventure-Works Database for SQL Azure

It is a delight to announce the availability of the Adventure-Works Community Sample Databases for SQL Azure. 

You can download the scripts and data files from CodePlex.

To install the databases on your SQL Azure server just follow the directions on the release page at CodePlex or in the ReadMe.htm file which is included in the zip file.

The AdventureWorksDW2008R2 and AdventureWorksLT2008R2 databases were ported using a tool which parses the script files which creates those databases and generates new, SQL Azure friendly scripts. These new scripts can be used to create the sample database in a SQL Azure server without SQL Server or Visual Studio being installed on the machine performing the installation.

Currently the AdventureWorks2008R2 OLTP database is not supported for SQL Azure and is not included in the zip file.


 Bill Zack, Architect Evangelist
Microsoft Developer & Platform Evangelism


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