Silverlight 4 – Feature Montage via Code Samples & Presentation Deck


Jeff Barnes has released a blog post with links to a consolidated slide deck and code samples that demonstrate all the cool new features in the Silverlight 4 Beta.  Here’s a quick list of the features in this release:

  • Updated SDK Toolkit Controls
  • VS2010 Tooling
  • Printing API
  • Right-click event handling
  • Webcam/microphone access
  • Mouse wheel support
  • RichTextArea Control
  • ICommand support
  • Clipboard API
  • HTML Hosting with WebBrowser
  • levated trust applications
  • Local file access
  • COM interop
  • Notification (“toast”) API
  • Network authentication
  • Cross-domain Networking changes
  • Text trimming
  • ViewBox
  • Right-to-left, BiDi and complex script
  • Offline DRM
  • H.264 protected content
  • Silverlight as a drop target
  • Data binding
  • IDataErrorInfo and Async Validation
  • DependencyObject Binding
  • StringFormat, TargetNullValue, FallbackValue
  • Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF)
  • Data Grid enhancements
  • Fluid UI support in items controls
  • Implicit theming
  • Google Chrome support
  • Keyboard access in full screen mode


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