Pluralsight launches .NET Podcast Series

Announcing the Pluralsight .NET Podcast

The Pluralcast is a bi-weekly audio show about life on the Microsoft stack, hosted by David Starr. Each episode presents a theme with selected stories on that theme, providing different views of technologies developers use in the real world.

The Pluralsight .NET Podcast ... so what's the show about?

There are as many views on technology as developers who hold them. A technology implementer is going to see the world slightly different than a technology creator or expert, likewise a trainer or a student will have a different perspective of the technology from being in the field teaching and learning. The Pluralcast is about life on the Microsoft stack, from all of these perspectives, bringing together a balanced conversation to the podcast space.

The Pluralcast is a bi-weekly audio show for the developer community interested to hear something new about the Microsoft technology. Each episode has a theme with selected stories, providing a holistic view around technologies developers use in the real world.

The Pluralcast .NET Podcast series are short, digestible audio episodes designed to educate and entertain Pluralsight’s growing audience. To date, the Pluralcast features two episodes:

Cast #1: Our First Episode!


Cast #2: The PDC Show


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For more information about the Pluralcast launch, visit the Pluralsight blog.

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