PDC09 – Interoperability @ Microsoft


The Interoperability Team was busy this past week at the PDC gathering all the interesting bits on the openness of the Windows Azure platform…

What a week, with a lot of announcements, surprises and achievements on multiple fronts. From the interoperability perspective, a lot happened too.  This PDC09 further demonstrates how Microsoft is making interoperability a priority and reality by demonstrating how − as an open platform − Windows Azure offers choices to developers. We’ve been able to show our progress with practical examples (like WordPress), additional technologies to run on Windows Azure (Tomcat, MySQL) and new SDKs/tools (like AppFabric SDK for PHP, Windows Azure Tools for Eclipse version 1.0). We’re on a journey, but it’s a significant milestone!

Topics covered in this recap are:

  • Ray Ozzie’s keynote: delivering on promises (more interop options)
  • Case study: Domino's Pizza Java Tomcat-based application running on Windows Azure
  • A dedicated Interoperability page on the Windows Azure portal: www.windowsazure.com/interoperability
  • Windows Azure SDKs for PHP and Java and tools for Eclipse version 1.0 released
  • New Interoperability Bridge: PHP developers get an SDK for the Windows Azure platform AppFabric
  • A new SQL CRUD Application Wizard for PHP
  • Using Windows Azure Storage from Ruby
  • Apache Stonehenge demoed at PDC09 To get the full recap

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