Windows Azure Platform TCO/ROI Comparison Tool


The folks from Alinean have developed a very comprehensive and detailed TCO/ROI comparison tool for the Microsoft Windows Azure Platform. You can access the tool at

This tool does an excellent job of calculating the TCO/ROI of hosting an existing application on the Windows Azure Platform as compared to running the application on-premise.  In doing this it considers not only the cost of operation but the entire application life-cycle.

This includes planning, acquisition, setup and installation, management and support, evolution and retirement of the application. In the case of an existing on-premise application it also considers the cost of migrating the application.

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  1. John says:

    Is the tool down?

  2. bob.familiar says:

    The link still works.…/tco

    go to that site and look for the command to laulnch the tool.

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