From Hyderabad: Local Leadership

I arrived in Hyderabad earlier this week and am underway meeting with the team members here. As I mentioned in the previous post, we realized early on how important it was to the overall success of InfoSec that we have presence in India. After we started to assemble our team in Hyderabad, another thing that became apparent to us was the need for local leadership. It’s definitely a challenge to manage remote employees and especially ones that are half-way around the globe. Not only does remote management present a challenge for business execution, it can also hinder morale since the interactions with employees is just not as effective as in-person. So our next step was to find a strong leader to lead our team in Hyderabad, India. This is where Ravi Piduri came into the picture.

Ravi started with us almost 2 years ago and he has not only been instrumental in developing and managing a strong performing team, majority of whom are CISSP, CEH or CSLLMP certified,  but he has also been involved in setting strategic direction for InfoSec. Working with the InfoSec leaders in Redmond, Ravi provides the perspective of the team in India, helps drive day-to-day operations for the India team as well as drive business development activities for ACE Services in Asia. Through Ravi’s efforts, we’ve been able to achieve increased effectiveness and morale from the incredible talent that makes up our Hyderabad InfoSec team.

Here’s a picture of myself (left) with Ravi from earlier this week.



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