Cool Form! MS Store Inventory Checklist

This week’s cool form is an inventory check list form that is used in the Microsoft Company Store. The form contains 2 views. The 1st view contains a set of checks that need to be completed by store employees. The 2nd view displays the list of checks that have not yet been completed by the user….


Cool Forms! Task Form

This week’s cool form was submitted by Sean Cantellay of Cantellay Consulting. The form allows the user to select a SharePoint task from the right and view it in the form on the page. The task has been broken up into four views and the tab buttons moves the user through the different views. The…


Cool Forms! Feature Status

This week’s cool form is a form used to track the status of testing of feature areas. One interesting decision made in this form is to use questions as labels rather than field names. This makes the form much easier to understand, particularly given that field names for compactness in the list view tend to…


Cool Forms! Feature Request Form

This week’s cool form is a feature request issue tracking list used by the Visio team. It’s divided into two main sections, the separate status section allows readers to jump directly to the information they care most about. It uses picture buttons to allow selection between ‘Office 14’ and ‘Office 15’ and to show which…


Cool Forms! E-mails to CoolForm@Microsoft not getting through

It was brought to our attention that external e-mails that were sent to were not getting through. This issue has now been resolved. If you have a “cool” form that you would like to share with us, please send an e-mail with the following details to – Attach 1 or 2 screenshots of…


Cool Forms! Weather Forecast Form

This week’s cool form displays your local weather forecast by using a REST Web Service data connection to pull in weather information from an online weather service. There are two views to the form, one minimal and one extended. The form contains linked picture controls that use rules to concatenate the Web service data and…


Cool Forms! NCAA March Madness Bracket

This week’s cool InfoPath form is a browser form used to run a bracket tournament at Microsoft. The form uses filtered dropdowns to let users make their picks for NCAA March Madness 2010, and uses conditional formatting to show correct and incorrect picks as the tournament progresses. There’s also a printable view that shows the…


Cool Forms! Team Signoff Form

This week’s cool InfoPath form is a simple form that we’re using for each team in Office to sign off that Office 2010 is ready to ship. One of the neat things about this form is that it makes the signoff process a visual experience by using conditional formatting to show and hide pictures based…


Cool Forms! Team Status Tracking Form

This week’s cool InfoPath form is a form used by one of the teams at Microsoft to track their status. It uses conditional formatting for color coding the status to make it easy to see progress at a glance. By recording team status on their SharePoint site, everyone knows how the team is doing and…


We want to see your Cool Forms!

Today sees the launch of “InfoPath Cool Forms”. In this series, we will feature cool forms that showcase a form design practice or interesting scenario. This week’s cool form is the “Ask Kanesha” request form.  This is a neat little form that we use on the InfoPath team to submit requests to our Group Business…