Peer to Peer Solutions using SharePoint Workspace 2010

In the 2nd of 2 videos about InfoPath 2010 and SharePoint Workspace integration, Shirish Pulikkal from the InfoPath test team shows how to create and maintain an Asset Tracking list for both online and offline use, using InfoPath designer and SharePoint Workspace.

The Scenario: In the 1st video, Taking a list offline using SharePoint Workspace 2010, Shirish showed how to take a SharePoint Asset Tracking list offline in SharePoint Workspace. Smaller organizations with budget constraints may not have access to a SharePoint Server. In this video we show you how to create and maintain an Asset Tracking list for both online and offline use, using just InfoPath and SharePoint Workspace.

The Process: We use an Asset Tracking form and Categories form for the demo. Initially the Categories form is imported into SharePoint Workspace and we enable lookup to the list tool containing the Categories form. Next we design a new form for Asset Tracking from within SharePoint Workspace and add a SharePoint Workspace data connection to the Categories form. Then we import the Asset Tracking form in list tool in SharePoint Workspace, publish the tool and make the form available to other users subscribed to the workspace to create new list items. This is an example of a peer to peer scenario. The changes you make in your workspace will be immediately visible to other users subscribed to your workspace.

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  1. Michael says:

    That's pretty fine. One question on that: Do I have to install anything else then SharePoint Workspace, to use InfoPath forms in SharePoint Workspace?

  2. Gracie55 says:

    I have MS 2010/Outlook 2010 – however we are using WSS 3.0 (soon to upgrade to SharePoint 2010)  I have a form library using IP 2010 can I use the SharePoint workspace with 3.0 until the upgrade?

  3. Kalpana says:

    Is it possible to take a simple Form Library offline?

  4. Shirish Pulikkal says:

    Form Library content type is currently not supported in SharePoint Workspace 2010.

    Document libraries in SharePoint can however be synced in SharePoint Workspace 2010.

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