Using TFS for Source Control in InfoPath 2010

In this video demo, Philip Newman and Christopher Brotsos from the InfoPath program management team show how you can use Team Foundation Server (TFS) to manage source control for your InfoPath forms with code. Follow up Team Foundation Server (TFS) is an effective repository and source control program for your InfoPath solutions. Teams add InfoPath…


How to Pass Querystring data into an InfoPath Form

Hi there, Daniel Broekman here. After showing you how to customize a SharePoint list with InfoPath 2010, and describing the differences between SharePoint list forms and form library forms together with Kate Everitt, I’m back with a quick tip for easily sending  a value from the browser’s query string into an InfoPath form. Imagine one…


Cool Form! MS Store Inventory Checklist

This week’s cool form is an inventory check list form that is used in the Microsoft Company Store. The form contains 2 views. The 1st view contains a set of checks that need to be completed by store employees. The 2nd view displays the list of checks that have not yet been completed by the user….