Take a list offline using SharePoint Workspace 2010

In this short video demo, Shirish Pulikkal from the InfoPath test team shows how you can customize a SharePoint list in InfoPath designer and work with the list offline in SharePoint Workspace.

The Scenario: A fictitious company Fabrikam wants to track assets in their lab using SharePoint list. They want to be able to track assets both in the online and offline case. Fabrikam has decided to use InfoPath to customize the list and SharePoint workspace to enable working offline with the list.

The Process: We start by customizing the form for the SharePoint list in InfoPath designer and add a secondary data connection to pull data from another SharePoint list. Then we publish the form back to the SharePoint list and sync it in SharePoint Workspace. Now we can create list items while working offline in SharePoint Workspace and items can be synced to SharePoint server when we get back online.

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Comments (5)
  1. JoeH says:

    These videos are great, but are way too big. They are constantly stalling as my Internet connection, which is quite fast, tries to catch up.

  2. infopath says:

    Thanks for your comments. We have noticed intermittent issues but for the most part the videos have been playing smoothly. Another option is to download the video for local viewing from Channel9:


  3. Buffering of video is very slow... says:

    I agree with JoeH.  The content is great but even with my 10MB connection, it pauses about 2 to 3 times per minute to buffer.

  4. Pissed says:

    It dumbfounds me that you guys can't host these on a server that actually plays the video without constant freezing!!!!

  5. https? says:

    Hi, this is great and fulfills exactly what I am trying to do. However when I configure the Sharepoint server site with https, the Sync to Workspace for a list is disabled.

    Should it work? Is it supported?

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