Package and Re-use a SharePoint List Solution

This week’s post continues the theme of SharePoint list customization. In this short video demo, Roberto Taboada from the InfoPath program management team shows how you can quickly and easily re-use your customized SharePoint lists by packaging them as SharePoint list templates. This is a really powerful feature as it allows you to build and customize your SharePoint solutions once and re-use them as many times as you want.

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To learn more about customizing your SharePoint list forms in InfoPath, check out our earlier blog posts on the subject.

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  1. fweisser says:

    This may just be my machine, but many of your embedded videos have no sound. Without the sound, they are of limited value. I really wanted to learn about cascading menus! 🙁

  2. infopath says:

    I think this may just be your machine. The videos play with sound. Have you tried using a different machine? Do other videos hosted on other sites such as or Youtube have sound?

  3. nope says:

    I have the same issue.  Some of the videos are fine, many have no sound.  It's not my machine, as I get sound from some of these blog videos, just not all of them.  I get sound from everything else (e.g. You Tube, etc.).

  4. InfoPath says:

    We cannot reproduce the error on our side. The videos are hosted on Channel9. If you play them from that site, do you get sound?…/Package-and-Re-use-a-SharePoint-List

  5. Brian says:

    I created a list wiht multiple content types.  I then use IP2010 to customize the forms for several of the CT's.  I save the list as a template and I can see it in the template gallery.  When I go to create a new list based on that template, the template does NOT show up as an option.  Any ideas?

  6. Steve says:

    I don't hear the sound on this video and several of your other videos and the links to the video on Channel 9 that you provided are dead. If you search for the video on Channel 9, the video appears in the search results with a dead link.

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