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InfoPathDev is a free resource, dedicated to bringing Microsoft InfoPath users the information and tools they need to be successful in their projects. More than 10K members, 30K threads, and 50K posts—it is the community to ask questions, get answers, and collaborate Microsoft MVPs frequently post, including three MVPs from Qdabra—expertise Forums – content ranges…


Package and Re-use a SharePoint List Solution

This week’s post continues the theme of SharePoint list customization. In this short video demo, Roberto Taboada from the InfoPath program management team shows how you can quickly and easily re-use your customized SharePoint lists by packaging them as SharePoint list templates. This is a really powerful feature as it allows you to build and…


Cool Forms! NCAA March Madness Bracket

This week’s cool InfoPath form is a browser form used to run a bracket tournament at Microsoft. The form uses filtered dropdowns to let users make their picks for NCAA March Madness 2010, and uses conditional formatting to show correct and incorrect picks as the tournament progresses. There’s also a printable view that shows the…


Introduction to Programming in InfoPath 2010

Hello, my name is Christopher Brotsos, and I’m a Program Manager on the InfoPath team. In this post, I’m going to show you how to add business logic to your forms using managed code. Imagine a scenario where the accounting department at Contoso, Inc. tracks corporate assets through an Asset Management System built on SharePoint….


Customize an External List Form in InfoPath 2010

In this week’s “5 for forms” video demo, Trey Brumley, a software design engineer in test shows how you can use InfoPath to customize the form for an external list on SharePoint that connects to a SQL Employee database through Business Connectivity Services.


Cool Forms! Team Signoff Form

This week’s cool InfoPath form is a simple form that we’re using for each team in Office to sign off that Office 2010 is ready to ship. One of the neat things about this form is that it makes the signoff process a visual experience by using conditional formatting to show and hide pictures based…


And the winner is…

The InfoPath Solution Video Contest is over! We assembled the team last Friday, and screened the final submissions, debated, re-watched, debated, re-screened again, and finally voted to determine the winners. The Contestants Before we announce the winners, let’s review the contestants. At final count at the close of the contest (midnight on March 1st ),…

Use Rules and Filters to Create Cascading Dropdowns in Forms

Hi, my name is Anson Hidajat and I’m a program manager on the InfoPath team. In this week’s “5 for forms” video demo, I will show how you can use rules and filters to create cascading dropdown lists in a tennis tournament bracket application. Enjoy and please send us your feedback!