Create Code-Free Mashups with InfoPath and SharePoint Web Parts

Hi, My name is Nicholas Lovell and I’m a developer on the InfoPath team. In this video demo, I will walk through how to create a simple portal page for processing claims at an insurance company. This claims portal includes a SharePoint Web Part with a list of all the claims, an InfoPath Web Part…


Cool Forms! Team Status Tracking Form

This week’s cool InfoPath form is a form used by one of the teams at Microsoft to track their status. It uses conditional formatting for color coding the status to make it easy to see progress at a glance. By recording team status on their SharePoint site, everyone knows how the team is doing and…


Only 10 days left to be in with a chance to win an XBox 360 Elite!

Have you submitted your entry for the InfoPath and SharePoint 2010 solution contest yet? If not, hurry up! There are only 10 days left to submit your entries. For a taste of what we’re looking for, here’s one entry from Clayton Cobb of the Colorado SharePoint users group. Think you can do better? Click here…


Learn about InfoPath 2010 in free Web casts with the Microsoft Product team!

Do you want to learn about InfoPath and SharePoint 2010 in FREE Web casts with the InfoPath product team? Then sign up for the InfoPath 2010 Academy Live Series. There are 3 remaining sessions in the series. The next session “Building SharePoint Applications with InfoPath 2010” will take place on Wednesday, March 10th from 8:30…


Digital Signature Support in InfoPath 2010

Hi, this is Gergely Kota, a developer on the InfoPath team. Digitally signing data when filling out a form makes the data tamper-proof, authenticates its signer, and is a key component of trusting form data. In this post, I’d like to share the improvements that have been made to digital signature support in InfoPath 2010….


Add a Dynamic Map to a Contact Form using REST Web Services

Update: Due to a change in the Bing Maps REST Web Service, the steps outlined in this blog post no longer work. We are looking into the possibility of using a different API, and will update this post soon with details. Hi, Phil Newman here from the InfoPath team. In this post, I’ll explain how…


We want to see your Cool Forms!

Today sees the launch of “InfoPath Cool Forms”. In this series, we will feature cool forms that showcase a form design practice or interesting scenario. This week’s cool form is the “Ask Kanesha” request form.  This is a neat little form that we use on the InfoPath team to submit requests to our Group Business…


Create a Loan Calculator using the InfoPath and Excel Web Parts

In this week’s “5 for Forms” video demo, Nick Dallett will show you how to create a loan calculator application without writing a line of code. This simple application leverages the power of the InfoPath and Excel Web Parts by using an InfoPath form to input the values that are sent to an Excel Workbook…