Create tabbed navigation using picture button controls

In the 2nd installment of our "5 for Forms" video demo series, Charlie Han, a program manager intern on the InfoPath team shows how you can use our new picture button control to create tabs to more easily navigate your forms.

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(There are additional steps required to create tabs in display views. Click here to find out more.)


Comments (9)

  1. Sean_C says:

    So I have been using the custom button for forms and the tabbed navigation and really like the feature. But for a rapid development of forms for a site we need to show some of the forms using the default buttons and having those buttons switch between views in the read only version of the form for a SharePoint 2010 list. I am not finding where the control is to allow these buttons like I can with the custom image buttons. thanks.

  2. infopath says:


    Can you clarify the question? Are you saying that you can’t get the buttons to work in read-only views?


    Laura Harrington

  3. Sean_C says:

    I can get the custom button to work in read only just fine. it is the OOB button that doesn’t show up in the read only views.

  4. infopath says:

    The option to show or hide buttons in read-only views is only available for picture buttons. We do no support this for regular button controls.

  5. JZ says:

    Could you tell me where you got the images for the Tabs? I know you say "Internet Explorer" but are there local .pngs or .jpg that can be modified or did you take screen captures of the images?

  6. Charlie Han says:

    I took a screen shot for this demo. Another popular tab style I've seen is the OneNote tab (again, screen shot would be the easiest way to get that).


    Charlie Han

  7. Roy_A says:

    Can the tabbed navigation be used for displaying a subset of the fields that are in a form?  For instance, for a personnel form there are data fields for the person's health and for the person's interests.  Can tabs be created for health and for interests?

  8. Niall Flynn says:

    Excellent, thanks for this, very helpful tut 🙂

  9. Brian says:


    I've created the tab view after following your fantastic instructions.  However I now have marching ants around my first tab button.  Is there anyway of moving this to the first field box rather than the first object on the form?


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