New InfoPath articles on Office Online

The following new article and video demos are now available on the InfoPath Home Page on Microsoft Office Online:


Get started: Create a meeting note system with InfoPath and SharePoint-shows you how to use a sample form template included with InfoPath and a SharePoint document library to create a meeting note system.


Demo: Store InfoPath forms in a document library on a SharePoint site-watch how you can publish a sample form template to a new document library.


Demo: Populate a drop-down list box from a SharePoint list—watch how you can put that SharePoint list into a list box control on an InfoPath form template.


At the end of each article, you can let me know if you like or hate these articles by answering the question, Was this information helpful?, and then entering your comments and suggestions in the box. I read your comments every month and either write new or modify existing articles based on your comments.


Thank you for using InfoPath!


Arsenio Locsin

InfoPath Technical Writer

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  1. Pues nada, dicen que las tradiciones están para mantenerlas en el tiempo y eso es lo que espero hacer

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