How to Integrate the .NET Framework SDK Documentation with VSTA

The .NET Framework 2.0 SDK documentation includes the Visual Basic and Visual C# language references, as well as the documentation for the .NET Framework classes. You can download and integrate this documentation into the Help viewer for the Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Applications (VSTA) integrated development environment (IDE) that ships with InfoPath 2007. After doing so, the NET Framework 2.0 SDK documentation will be available along with the "InfoPath Developer Reference for Managed Code Form Templates" documentation in VSTA IDE Help viewer for use offline.





.NET Framework SDK Help in the VSTA Help Viewer


Important   If you are running under Windows Vista with user account control, you must start InfoPath 2007 as an administrator before performing the following procedure. To do that, navigate to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12, right-click INFOPATH.EXE, and then click Run as Administrator. If you are not running InfoPath as an administrator, you will be unable to complete the following procedure.


To integrate the .NET Framework 2.0 SDK documentation with the VSTA IDE Help

  1. Start InfoPath 2007, and open or create a form template in design mode.
  2. On the Tools menu, click Programming, and then click Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Applications.
  3. In VSTA, click Index on the Help menu.
  4. Search for Collection Manager, Help, to open the Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Applications Combined Help Collection Manager topic.
  5. Select the check box for the Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 SDK Documentation in the list of available help collections at the bottom of the topic below Collections available for the default combined Help collection.
    If the .NET Framework 2.0 SDK documentation does not appear in the list of available Help collections, you must install the .NET Framework 2.0 SDK. To install the .NET Framework 2.0 SDK, see

  6. Click the Update Help Collection button.


You will be asked to close all instances of the VSTA IDE and the Help viewer, Microsoft Document Explorer. When you restart VSTA, the.NET Framework 2.0 SDK documentation will be available in the Help viewer.


- Mark Roberts, Programmer-writer

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  1. The InfoPath team shows you how to integrate the .Net Framework help into the VSTA IDE for InfoPath.

  2. rkp says:

    How do I post a question to this blog?

  3. BobChauvin says:

    Will the Blog Team be answering or communicating to those who submitted forms via the "help-us-improve-infopath-send-us-your-forms" Blog???

    I sent a form, heard nothing back…not good.

  4. says:

    Here’s a gotcha:

    Did the full InfoPath install, and I am working through the 12 learning activities. On Lab 8, I ran into a problem where Microsoft.Office.InfoPath.View did not have "ExecuteAction" method. After much time (and a reinstall), discovered that I actually have *two copies* of Microsoft.Office.InfoPath.dll on my system:

    <the good one>

    $ ls -la "./Program Files/Microsoft Office Servers/12.0/Bin/Microsoft.Office.InfoPath.dll"

    -rwxrwx—+ 1 Administrators SYSTEM 60200 Oct 26  2006 ./Program Files/Microsoft Office Servers/12.0/Bin/Microsoft.Office.InfoPath.dll

    <the bad one>

    $ ls -la Program Files/Microsoft Office/Office12/InfoPathOM/Microsoft.Office.Info*

    -rwxrwx—+ 1 Administrators SYSTEM 206460 Sep  4  2006 Program Files/Microsoft Office/Office12/InfoPathOM/Microsoft.Office.InfoPath.xml

    -rwxrwx—+ 1 Administrators SYSTEM  47912 Oct 26  2006 Program Files/Microsoft Office/Office12/InfoPathOM/Microsoft.Office.Infopath.dll

    Within VSTA, the Microsoft.Office.Infopath.dll reference was to the *bad* one (the 49K one). I replaced that DLL with the "good" one (the 60K one) and now everything is A-OK.

    Doesn’t help that both files have the same date/time and the same version.


  5. infopath1 says:


    "the bad one", Program Files/Microsoft Office/Office12/InfoPathOM/Microsoft.Office.Infopath.dll and "the good one" /Program Files/Microsoft Office Servers/12.0/Bin/Microsoft.Office.InfoPath.dll are different assemblies. The former is used by InfoPath (client-only) solutions. The latter is for browser-enabled forms, which uses a subset of the object model. They have different levels of functionality, and that is the reason a method might be missing in one of the assemblies and present in the other.

    The correct change is to change the compatibility of your form template from "InfoPath and InfoPath Forms Services" to "InfoPath" or vice versa.

  6. bela1 says:

    hErrrrrr…. I know this sounds really stupid, but I logged onto this thing, registered etc and can’t find the bloody ‘post new blog’ or option to post a question…

    Is this the wrong forum for that or is my browser just not showing the button.

  7. Garima says:


    I want to make click on Insert functionality of repeating table programmatically, when the search criteria of form does not return any row from database, for which i got to know the usage of the ExecuteAction , but

    If i use the assembly from /Program Files/Microsoft Office Servers/12.0/Bin/Microsoft.Office.InfoPath.dll" (insetad of Program Files/Microsoft Office/Office12/InfoPathOM/Microsoft.Office.Info),then yes ExecuteAction" method work for me, but on other hand designer file started giving error :

    Error 2 The type or namespace name 'InfoPath' does not exist in the namespace 'Microsoft.Office' (are you missing an assembly reference?)

    I'm new to Infopath, please guide!

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