Help Us Improve InfoPath: Send Us Your Forms!

The Microsoft Office InfoPath Team is interested in seeing how you are using InfoPath.  We would like you to send us your InfoPath forms so we can review them and collect data on how you are using the forms.  We will be using these forms to implement improvements in future versions of Microsoft Office InfoPath. We are interested in looking at a variety of forms ranging from simple to complex (in terms of length, rules, data connections, code, etc.).

Please send us your forms at and include a brief description of how the form is used, what is working well for you and any suggestions for improvement. Also let us know if we can contact you with any follow up questions.

We cannot guarantee that every form will be reviewed or that the confidentiality of the forms or information contained therein will be maintained.  We ask that you not submit forms containing confidential information.
Thank you for your submissions.  We look forward to hearing from you.
Microsoft Office InfoPath Team

Comments (11)

  1. Het InfoPath team zoekt contact met gebruikers: The Microsoft Office InfoPath Team is interested in…

  2. BobC says:

    Some generic suggestions:

    1) Add Support for Auto-Complete on Drop Down List-boxes.  This is a HUGE request in my office.

    2) Visualize the Tab Order setting process.

    3) Bring back email support when using the web form or full client when Outlook 2003 is the email host

    I’ll see if I can create a form to send along…

  3. BobC says:

    I guess a good place to look for ideas on how to improve would also be the forums:

    I also would like to see improvements in the SharePoint world, and web forms.  

    Thanks for listening.  

  4. Bob_Chauvin says:

    ) Add the ability to start a Workflow from an IP form without messing with security (via Rules on a button?), including web forms.

  5. Bob_Chauvin says:

    ) Share rules between controls.

    ) Select multiple controls and edit any properties they have in common (like height).

  6. Bob_Chauvin says:

    ) Code checker.  Click on an error in a data connection should open the dataconnection in question.

  7. BobC says:

    When should we expect to hear from you regarding forms sent?  I received no acknowledgment of receipt.

    Please keep us updated.

  8. IHunter says:

    Please please

    create a patch to let us send information to a sharepoint list

    Before anyone send any retort

    I already did the tutorial on here which ends up looking like an infopath version of the original sharepoint list form (One Column)  I would like to be able to format the form the way I want to.

  9. BobC says:

    I sent my form, didn’t hear back.  BAD BLOGGER.  BAD!

  10. infopath says:

    Hello all. I wanted to write a note of clarification on the purpose of our collection effort.

    Our goal is to collect forms that we can use for product planning purposes, not to provide support on individual forms or to post the results or outcome of the effort. We view this as a long term effort to better understand the types of real-world forms customers are creating.

    Due to the volume of forms submitted we are not replying to acknowledge individual submissions, but be assured that we are very appreciative of your willingness to share your forms with us. Please keep them coming!

    I apologize for not spelling this out more clearly in our initial posting.


    Roberto Taboada

    Program Manager

    Microsoft Office InfoPath

  11. Srividhya says:


    I have a form which contains a drop down list box. Right now i populating the drop down list using xml file.

    I have one consideration in this. I want the items in drop down list to be sorted alphabetically.

    Is there any possible way to populate the items in drop down list box using arraylist??? plz help me with that.

    Right now i am getting the items from the xml file into arraylist and sort them. But i am unable to repopulate them again.

    kindly help me in this regard

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