Do You Love Access? We do too!

And that's why there's all the new-and-cool documentation about how to make your InfoPath forms work well with Access:

And a few bonus articles, also from our friends in the documentation team:

Happy Friday!

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  1. alspeirs says:

    Interesting article!

    Is there a way to use access to do quick and dirty reporting on a bunch of infopath files? Currently the forms are living in a sharepoint forms library but it would be great to let the business users easily analyse the form data.

  2. infopath says:

    If your InfoPath forms submit data to a SharePoint document library, and you use property promotion, you can link up the promoted fields as data connections to Excel or Access, and build reports based on that data. This, of course, has limitations (i.e. you need to flatten out your schema by using aggregate functions), but can get definitely get you the desired outcome for many scenarios.


  3. Kent Snyder says:

    All references I find regarding using a form to submit data to an Access Db are for Access 2003 or in this case 2007.  When adding data connections in the IP form for submit, I can NOT find any way to submit data to an Access 2010 DB.

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