InfoPath 2007 Training Labs

I’m pleased to announce that InfoPath 2007 training labs are now live on MSDN. Just like with the hands-on labs for InfoPath 2003, we created a set of exercises that walk you through a real-life scenario, introducing a new InfoPath feature in the process. Here are the new labs:

Lab 1: Publishing an InfoPath 2007 Form Template to a Server Running InfoPath Forms Services
Lab 2: Deploying and Managing InfoPath 2007 Forms
Lab 3: Integrating InfoPath 2007 with the Data Connection Library
Lab 4: Enabling Digital Signatures in InfoPath 2007 Form Templates
Lab 5: Importing Word Forms into InfoPath 2007
Lab 6: Using InfoPath 2007 E-mail Forms
Lab 7: Restricting Permissions to InfoPath 2007 Forms and Form Templates
Lab 8: Using the InfoPath 2007 Object Model and Visual Studio Tools for Applications
Lab 9: Designing InfoPath 2007 Forms for Mobile Web Browsers
Lab 10: Creating and Inserting InfoPath 2007 Template Parts
Lab 11: Integrating InfoPath 2007 Forms in Web Sites Using Visual Studio
Lab 12: Using SharePoint Server Workflows with InfoPath 2007

Many InfoPath 2003 labs are still relevant - so if you need a refresher on fundamentals, here's the list:

Lab 1: Editing forms and working with form data (Level 100)
Lab 2: Creating forms and layout (Level 200)
Lab 3: Form deployment (Level 200)
Lab 4: Working with controls (Levels 200 and 300)
Lab 5: Business logic (Levels 200 and 400)
Lab 6: Active X controls (Level 400)
Lab 7: User roles (Level 200)
Lab 8: Working with data sources (Levels 300 and 400)
Lab 9: Working with ADO.NET DataSets (Level 400)
Lab 10: Digital signatures (Levels 300 and 400)
Lab 11: Advanced form merging (Level 400)
Lab 12: Workflow support (Level 400)
Lab 13: Working with schemas (Level 300)
Lab 14: Working with custom task panes (Level 400)
Lab 15: Business logic using managed code (Level 400)
Lab 16: External automation (Level 400)

Alex Weinstein
Program Manager

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