Do you blog about InfoPath?

I'd love to compile a list of blogs about InfoPath to help the developer community connect and share insights. If you wrote at least one InfoPath article in the past, and plan on writing more, please leave a link to your blog in the comments.

Expect an OPML compilation in a week or two!

UPDATE: OPML compilation is here.


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  1. gabriel.lozano says:

    Although I don’t blog myself I know a guy who does. His name is Kristof De Causemaeker, he lives in Belgium and here is his blog:

  2. michaellotter says:

    I do some InfoPath posts and they are more on configuration and problem solving.  My blog link is listed below.

  3. The MS InfoPath team blog is currently looking for bloggers who would be interested in…

  4. nay says:

    I have just begun my French/English MSDN blog on Office System in general with a focus on InfoPath. The content is not only technical and the purspose of the blog is also to help my customers in their first steps with Office System 2007 using some screencast demos.

  5. hurtlingturtle says:

    Hi Alex,

    I think you’re already aware of my blog, but here it is just in case….



  6. sp-xpert says:


    Here is my blog link:

    I generally write about SharePoint but also cover InfoPath on my blog.



  7. StoneWell says:


      Here is my blog about Aspose.Form, it is a .Net component to show/fill InfoPath form through browser.



  8. Wael says:

    I do blog about InfoPath and IPFS a lot

    Wael A. Kabli

    Information Worker Consultant

  9. Elfoamerican says:

    I like new calculation concepts i’ve found.

  10. ClaytonCobb says:

    All of my blog entries are InfoPath + SharePoint, and I have started blogging on 2010.

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