New Office 2007 courses from MS Learning

MS Learning has some free Office 2007 courses. In particular, here’s a What’s New course for InfoPath. Here’s the outline:

  • What's New in Microsoft® Office InfoPath® 2007
  • Converting Office Word and Office Excel Forms to Office InfoPath
    • The Forms Converter
    • How to Convert Existing Forms to Office InfoPath
    • The Design Checker
  • Designing Forms in Office InfoPath 2007
    • Codeless Form Design
    • How to Create Template Parts
    • Multiple Views in an Office InfoPath Form
    • How to Create a Print Layout View
    • Guidelines for Designing Forms
  • Publishing and Managing Forms
    • Multiple Browser Support Using Office Forms Services
    • How to Publish Forms Through E-Mail
    • Creating List Views of Form Data in Office Outlook
    • How to Export Form Data to Office Excel

Take a look, and let us know if you find it useful!

Alex Weinstein
Program Manager

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