New InfoPath content on the web

I wanted to take a moment to recognize the great work of the Microsoft writers and editors who have been cranking out InfoPath content over the last few months.  While we in the product team have clicked over into Office 14 mode, they have continued to serve customers by creating Office 2007 content – everything from…


How to Integrate the .NET Framework SDK Documentation with VSTA

The .NET Framework 2.0 SDK documentation includes the Visual Basic and Visual C# language references, as well as the documentation for the .NET Framework classes. You can download and integrate this documentation into the Help viewer for the Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Applications (VSTA) integrated development environment (IDE) that ships with InfoPath 2007. After doing…


Help Us Improve InfoPath: Send Us Your Forms!

The Microsoft Office InfoPath Team is interested in seeing how you are using InfoPath.  We would like you to send us your InfoPath forms so we can review them and collect data on how you are using the forms.  We will be using these forms to implement improvements in future versions of Microsoft Office InfoPath….


Displaying Contextual Help in a Custom Task Pane

With all the wonderful features in the new Office apps, it’s easy to get lost!  InfoPath is no exception, and when you make clever use of the new features, you’ll want to make sure that users understand how your form is supposed to work.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could display contextual help information as…


Associating a Custom Document Information Panel with an Office Document

When a custom Document Information Panel is associated with an Office document and/or template, the information needed to locate the Panel is contained in a custom XML data part stored with the document.I won’t go into the details of the way an Office Open XML document is structured here (needless to say there are many…


Submitting to a SharePoint List

As you know, submitting to a Microsoft Windows SharePoint form library from an InfoPath form is quite simple: just add a “submit” type of data connection to InfoPath and away you go. However, submitting to a SharePoint List is another matter. In this post, we will take a look at the steps necessary to enable…


InfoPath Data Connections: Part 1

Summary This article is part of a series of documents explaining the Data concept in Microsoft Office InfoPath. This particular article is an overview of how Data Connections work in InfoPath. The intended audience is those who are new to InfoPath and those who use InfoPath, but have not built up knowledge in the way Data Connections…


Transforming InfoPath Rich Text to Word

This article applies to InfoPath 2003 and Word 2003. Summary InfoPath is great for capturing structured data. A common scenario is that you need to output that data in a Word document. It is quite easy to create an XSLT transformation that will take the XML generated by InfoPath as input and generate WordprocessingML tags. For…


Do You Love Access? We do too!

And that’s why there’s all the new-and-cool documentation about how to make your InfoPath forms work well with Access: Design a form template that is based on a Microsoft Access database Add a data connection to a Microsoft Access database Submit form data to a Microsoft Access database Use values from an Access database to…


Template Parts 101

So, you’ve heard about this new InfoPath 2007 feature called template parts. You may have even found the option to design one in the Design a Form Template dialog. But what you can do with it and why you would want to bother.. well that’s just a big mystery. So, I’m here to help you…