Browser Forms with Spell Check

With InfoPath Forms Services, you can take powerful InfoPath forms, and allow users to fill them out by using a browser. This enables your forms to reach more customers than ever before. Many Office users have been enjoying the convenience of spell check in Word and InfoPath. To enable this valuable feature for browser forms, we recommend pointing your customers to an Internet Explorer extension called ieSpell. It will check the spelling in your document, just like you would expect it to; you even get to store your personal word list or (clever!) point ieSpell to a Microsoft Office dictionary.


After filling out a form, hit the ieSpell button and it pops up a dialog, similar to the Microsoft Office spell check. If you want to know the meaning of the word, the thesaurus is just a click away.


Installing the program is quick and easy. Download from here (free for non-commercial use). When you're done, you will see a new button in the IE toolbar, as well as a new Tools menu item.


If you are interested to learn more about ieSpell and other browser extensions, take a look at this article from the Internet Explorer team blog.

Pradeep Rasam
Program Manager

Comments (4)

  1. jlehew says:

    ieSpell has a problem where it deletes the entire text when it corrects two or more words in a text box on an InfoPath form.  Rich text boxes can be checked if you right click the background of a webpage and spell check the entire document.  ie7Pro doesn’t work on Rich Text boxes but work great with regular text boxes.  Using ieSpell and another free spell checker called ie7pro together.

    Anyone have a better solution?  

  2. Josh says:

    iespell won't work from a licensing perspective, unless you pay for it.

    Infopath browser-based forms require enterprise CAL's… and if you're using enterprise CAL's then you're ostensibly using this in a commercial setting, which requires you to pay for iespell.

    For companywide deployments of InfoPath forms on Sharepoint this won't work.

  3. Yavuz says:

    is there a way to start ieSpell by clicking a button on the InfoPath form itself instead of starting it from Tools menu?

  4. IPGuru says:

    See for a no-code solution to enable spell check on InfoPath browser forms.

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