Andrew May knows XML Forms on SharePoint

This is a shout out to Andrew May, who's posted some great content on SharePoint as it relates to InfoPath and XML more generally.
His most recent post covers the new Form content type that InfoPath uses for its Content Types integration. He's also got a great 5-part series on how the SharePoint XML parser works that InfoPath uses for our property promotion feature. He's even created a poster about how SharePoint parsers work, which you can download, print out, and hang in your bedroom, er, office.
Another post covers the InfoPath integration with Document Information Panels and Workflows, which shows how important InfoPath dev skills are to the entire Office stack.
On a completely unrelated note, the recent heat wave seems to have made it to Redmond, where we're in the 90's today. Yowsers!
- Ned
Program Manager
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