Improvements to Share Point integration – Property demotion

One of the new features in InfoPath 2007 when publishing to a SharePoint 2007 server is the ability to turn on property demotion.
Property demotion is the ability to be able to modify fields that show up in SharePoint document libraries and cause those fields to be automatically updated in the underlying document (in this case InfoPath form).
Where would you use demotion?
Imagine you have a document library where you save your company assets as InfoPath forms. Let us say one of the fields in the library, is the current owner of this asset. When you need to bulk assign a bunch of assets from one person to another, wouldn't it be really easy if you can just update this field in a data grid view instead of opening each and every asset form and having to update it.
Let us see how you can enable property demotion
When you go through the publish wizard (File/Publish) pages for publishing to SharePoint, InfoPath will detect if the server is 2007 and if it finds that to be true, you will now be able to turn on property demotion for a field by selecting the check box as shown in the image below.
Note that not all data types can be demoted and also fields that are within a repeating context cannot be demoted. For data types that don't allow demotion, the checkbox will automatically be disabled.
Once you enable certain fields for demotion, they become available in SharePoint's data grid view to be edited. The data grid view can be accessed from SharePoint library using the Actions menu as shown below.


Also since demotion happens on SharePoint side (when the field is edited), the form's business logic such as Data Validation, Rules, Formulas, Code and Script will not run at that time. So there may be situations when you do not want to turn on demotion for certain fields.
Hope you find this helpful and look forward to see you turning on demotion.
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  1. Bob_Chauvin says:

    This is H.O.T. hot!!!

  2. Bob_Chauvin says:

    Weird name "Demotion" for this feature.

    Can demotion be enabled in a web part page?  For example, a dvwp?

  3. Bob_Chauvin says:

    Does the workflow engine expose related events?   For example, if a change is made via this method, can I execute additional code to update my enterprise database?

  4. This is a shout out to Andrew May, who’s posted some great content on SharePoint as it relates to InfoPath

  5. A number of good questions have been raised about the building permit application solution that we built. One question in particular that I see frequently relates to the SharePoint columns that were promoted from the InfoPath form template. How did we

  6. angedjohnson says:

    Any reason that date fields can’t be demoted and updated using workflow??  Seems very restrictive….  Is there a workaround??  (other than changing data type)

  7. infopath says:

    Hi angedjohnson,

    In order for property "demotion" to work the data type you choose in InfoPath must exactly match the data type in SharePoint. So for a date field, in InfoPath you would need to choose "Date/Time."


  8. share point products says:

    The business logic is quite different and vary from market to market This is really a nice share point session.

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