Auto height for sections

InfoPath forms are all about being dynamic, so it's important that the sections in your form grow and shrink appropriately. For example, if someone deletes an optional section from inside another section, the outer section should shrink accordingly.
Of course, sections will grow/shrink by default after you insert them, but InfoPath will change it to a fixed size if you resize the section, since we don't want to disobey your command to be a specific size. So in the example above, the outer section will stay the same size even when the Notes section isn't there -- it will just have a bunch of white space in its place.
The trick: Use "auto"
If you resized a section by accident and want to return it to the default, just open its properties, switch to the "Size" tab, and type auto for the height. Now it will only be as big as it needs to be and never bigger.
- Ned
Comments (5)

  1. Lindsey Strickland says:

    What if the section expands to the next page.  I have a calculated value that is more than one page and it is cutting it off instead of continuing to a second page.

  2. Miguel Gonzalez says:

    I have a form with hidden sections that worked fine, up until a few days ago. My problem is  I have made all my hidden sections either in auto or with 0 padding & margins and I still get a large chunk of white space before it shows the bottom section that used to be displayed as it used to. Not sure how to correct it or why is it displaying all that white space. Help!

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