Fun for the Whole Office Family

Most of this blog focuses on advanced tips and tricks for InfoPath, but I'd hate it if that left you thinking InfoPath was a developer-only tool. We're part of the Office family, and we'd like to think we act like it, so let me call out a brand new site our product managers just put together that covers InfoPath 2007's out-of-the-box easy-to-use features you'd expect from an Office product.



The screenshot above is from a quick demo on the site that shows importing a paper based Word form into InfoPath, routing it through email and the browser (shown above), and exporting the results from Outlook into Excel for analysis. It's an example of how much can be done without using the bag of tricks this blog's all about. Hopefully it helps you see how your organization can use InfoPath to make all those pesky business processes run smoother without a bunch of IT legwork. Better yet, it might even help erase that cringe reaction to the term "business process."


But of course you don't need to read a blog by the InfoPath creators to learn how to use our powerful built-in features, so we'll keep posting those advanced tricks, don't you worry.


- Ned

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