InfoPath Quick Tip: Exporting InfoPath forms to Word

Want to export your InfoPath form view to a Microsoft Office Word document?

The easiest way to do this is to export your InfoPath form to an MHT file using File | Export To | Web... while filling out your form. Then, just open the MHT file in Microsoft Office Word.  The Word document that you create based on the MHT file exported from InfoPath will look very similar to the InfoPath form itself.

Comments (10)

  1. K.Manoj says:

    But we cannot do this for InfoPath form having Repeating controls and even for DropDown also. So is there any other way to export InfoPath form to word which should allow dropdown & repeating controls as a part of imported InfoPath form

  2. says:

    Is there some way to convert the browser enabled infopath 2007 file saved in the form library to pdf/word document programmatically?

    We have a windows service which will send these converted pdf/word files as an attachment in the email.

  3. g.snarayanan says:

    Hi We are loosing the format when we try to convert MHT to word doc. It works fine in word 2007 but when we convert to 2003 we loosing all the formats

  4. strega says:

    When I convert an Infopath 07 template to MHTML and then open it in word all of my "text-wrap" formatting is gone. it’s almost as if the controls where data was populated were converted to cells within the cells of a table and they just expand horizonatally instead of wrapping per the original perameters of the initial Infopath form. When I open the MHTML doc, the formatting is just fine. This wasn’t an issue when converting from infopath 03 to word 03. Has anyone found a work around for this? I’ve tried saving the MHTML to word and then deselcting the "automatic fit" function in table properties but to no avail.

  5. sleasure says:

    I know this is an old thread, but I'm having a similar problem to strega.  In Office 2003 I had no problems converting InfoPath to Word, but in 2010 all my fields appear to be text objects within cells and they don't function in the same way.  If I cut and paste a table into the footer, the text does not follow and it's not expanded to the width of the cell either.  Is there any solution to this?

  6. Kaushal says:

    how we can have a prebuild headers and footers in that word file that is going to be created out of the infopath form.??

    please reply ASAP..urgent..


  7. Beth says:

    Where can you find an exporter for infopath?  I can't find ANYTHING online!!

  8. Essentie says:

    You can easily open mht files with word – i did like this:

    this.CurrentView.Export(@"C:MyView.DOC", ExportFormat.Mht);

    My question was how to use this from outside the infopath file code

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