InfoPath SP1 Hands-on Labs on MSDN

The final version of InfoPath Hands-on Labs has been posted on MSDN. The labs provide an overview of InfoPath 2003 and SP1 features, and are divided into the following topics:

  • Editing forms and working with form data

  • Creating forms and layout

  • Form deployment

  • Working with controls

  • Business Logic

  • Custom controls

  • Roles

  • Working with data sources

  • Working with ADO.NET DataSets

  • Digital Signatures

  • Workflow support

  • Working with custom task panes

  • Business logic using managed code

  • External automation

All practice files and setup instructions are included with the labs. The labs require InfoPath 2003 Service Pack-1 Preview which can be downloaded from here.

Comments (6)

  1. Vince Sefcik says:

    I was going through the newly released "Infopath 2003 Training" labs

    available at the URL

    I was working on Lab 12 (Workflow Support in Infopath 2003) and it has an

    Exercise 3 that sets up a custom pipeline for Biztalk. The instructions in

    the lab said "open the pipeline SDK component from the downloaded Microsoft

    Office InfoPath 2003 SDK", but there is no such component. Anyone have an

    idea where this pipeline component can be found? Thanks.

  2. Mike Koerner says:

    Scott Woodgate’s blog

    has a link to the pipeline cs file required for the pipeline.

    I have found this lab to be extremely disappointing. There are lots of cut and paste errors that make it very hard to follow. Any way to get an updated or new Infopath/Biztalk2004 integration example?

  3. Rick Severson says:

    An updated lab with the component .cs file should be up on MSDN shortly.

  4. Rick Severson says:

    The new hands on lab 12 is now available on msdn. The .cs file is in odc_INF03_Labs2.exe.

  5. Mike Surface says:

    With respect to lab9 datasets. It says when you are creating a new data connection in InfoPath you are to choose "Receive and submit data" but I only have receive or submit choices on my version of InfoPath SP1. I’m really looking for information on retreiving a dataset by calling a webservice that takes a dataset as a parameter and then passes a dataset back. We have the parameter passing correct, but the message comming back that InfoPath gives is "Unable to read SOAP message" – any ideas?

  6. Hi Mike,

    Since you don’t see the "Receive and submit data" option, you are most likely attempting to create an auxiliary data connection.

    To create a main data connection, design a new, blank form from a data connection. In the wizard you’ll see the "Receive and submit" option.

    Note that you cannot pass a dataset as a parameter to a method that returns a dataset. InfoPath will not allow such a form to exist. We permit one dataset "instance" per session. In your case you would have two. A workaround may be to have two separate web methods: one consumes a dataset, the other produces. You could serialize the dataset to xml and persist it on disk, then re-establish the dataset in the other method.

    You mention that you have the "parameter passing correct…", but I’m unclear when/where that error message is appearing. Could you give more details on what you do up to the error?

    For future reference, please post inquiries such as this to the InfoPath Newgroup at



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