Welcome to the InfoPath Team Blog

Welcome to the InfoPath team blog here at http://blogs.msdn.com/infopath/

The InfoPath Team is looking forward to posting a variety of topics for our InfoPath users, including:

  • Feature highlights.

  • Code snippets.

  • Our best practices.

  • Tips 'n Tricks.

  • Common work-arounds.

  • Show how to leverage other Microsoft technology with InfoPath.



We're super-excited about InfoPath and look forward to helping our customers realize the most they can out of our new Office System 2003 application.

Please leave some feedback if there are areas you'd like to see us cover (and please remember the community support via the microsoft.public.infopath newsgroup!).

Comments (7)

  1. yolau says:

    can infopath be a real workflow ,do not get help from others such as sharepoint

    i mean dose the infopath can control work flow process and authorice.

  2. antuandmichael says:

    Urgent Help Needed!

    I’m trying to create a drop down list that depends on the previous field using Access Database. I’m having trouble setting up a condition for the second list box (example first is topic list which includes categories from the second list)

    Thanks in advance for all your help!

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