The InfoPath 2003 SP1 Preview

Do you know about the InfoPath 2003 SP1 Preview release? There are actually two free downloads available:

  1. The InfoPath 2003 SP1 client: new features and improvements added to the InfoPath client.

  2. The InfoPath 2003 Visual Studio toolkit: this provides the ability to write .NET managed code business logic in your InfoPath form.

Anyone can download and install this version of InfoPath and use it until it expires.

When the Office System 2003 SP1 is released (mid-2004), InfoPath will be updated to have many new features, in addition to performance improvements and bug fixes (and if you just want the performance improvements and bug fixes, the new features can be turned off).  The SP1 is completely backwards compatible with InfoPath 2003.

This preview gives you a chance to try out an initial version of the SP1 bits now so that you can learn the new features and plan for the SP1 deployment within your company.

The SP1 release is very important in that we were able to address customer wishes.  Give it a try!  We're certainly excited about it and will be posting about InfoPath SP1 here often (and we'll make it clear when a post is SP1 specific).

Comments (15)

  1. Jan says:

    I’m excited too! (check my blog for evidence 😉

    Anyway congratulations to the InfoPath team, SP1 has a lot of cool features (I really like the SharePoint integration). When will it expire?

    Probably this feature request is already high on your list: a free "reader" version of InfoPath, any news about that?

  2. I downloaded since a while, really cool, except that I can’t attach the debugger.

  3. The expiration date for the SP1 preview is July 31st 2004. Thanks!

  4. I am working in the development of a new application using the new InfoPath SP1, the new features are wonderful, I love the Integration with .NET, and I love the new controls.

    My only problem is with the documentation, it took me of example 2 days to discover how to process an XML sent from InfoPath to a web services in VS.NET, I never used the InfoPath xml namespaces from VS.NET before, and that was not easy to discover by my self.

    Otherwise the product is brilliant, and I am looking forward for your postings about SP1.

  5. Thanks for your feedback, George. With-respect-to your documentation needs, this is the kind of thing we need to hear. Cheers.

  6. Here’s a link to examples of complex InfoPath 2003 SP-1 forms and techniques for using new SP-1 managed code behind forms (Visual Basic .NET).

    You can read an article from "Visual Studio Magazine" about SP-1 and download the sample forms at Click Get the Code in the Article Tools box to download the sample forms.


  7. Hi,

    SP1 is good, but need an update scema for the manifest file.



  8. Schema? The form definition schema for the InfoPath 2003 SP1 preview can be found via the post at

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