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This week, I will keep this post quite short and redirect you to my answers to an interview by the great folks at What Is Testing. The questions covered various topics from the book How We Test Software At Microsoft, to my current role at Microsoft, to my perspectives on things such as open source, certifications, and future directions for our profession.

Speaking about our book How We Test Software At Microsoft, I am generally not one to pat myself on the back, but I am really glad to announce our book was translated into Chinese and Korean. In my past life as a Test Manager I worked closely with our teams in Korea, and I was actively engaged in establishing some of Microsoft’s initial partnerships with Chinese vendors. So, I would personally like to thank the many translators and editors, and the publishers who are making our book available to the testers in those countries. I hope our book provides testers in Korea and China some new ideas or alternative perspectives on software testing. Both translated versions should be available soon!

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