Another great tweak from Paolo

Check out another useful tweak from Paolo with the unsupported web service client.  Paolo adds another strongly-typed class to the client:

The IDA Guys and RC1 unsupported client

Many thanks to The IDA Guys for getting together an unsupported client for RC1.  We in the product group are deeply grateful for the great work the field do in extending the value of FIM for our customers.

How to Search for Existing Groups

In this week’s post we look at the three most common queries to search for existing groups: getting all groups, “my groups”, and groups that match a particular filter.  While these examples show off the current prototype client, the filters and principles may be used on any client.  The test case source code may be…


Prototype V2: Overview of the new API

In this post we’ll discuss the new Prototype Public Resource Management client.  I uploaded the MSDN-style documentation to MSDN Code Gallery.  The purpose of this post is to walk you through the direction I’m thinking about for a supported API.  These ideas are a snapshot of my thinking today and will change in the future. …