Reminder: The IDA Guys Blog

This is a friendly reminder that The IDA Guys have some great content to check out.  For example,

Reminder: “Forum Greatest Hits”

A recent conversation with a customer reminded me about Markus and Ahmad’s “Greatest Hits” on the TechNet forums:

No change in status to report

This post is a reminder that we have no change in status to report with respect to dates, etc.  The previous post is still accurate:

FIM Query Tool

I was catching up with my blog roll and saw that Joe Zamora at Ensynch put together a nifty little app to query the FIM Service.  I recommend checking it out! http://c–

Office Protocol Docs Published

As a small part of the the announcement about Office 2010 Technical Preview, Microsoft published the Office 2010 protocol documents.  A small and dedicated group of us worked hard and long for these past months to release documents related to FIM’s protocols on time.  Of particular interest to this audience may be the FIM web…

FIM 2010 Wallpapers

I’ve been meaning to post some of Richard’s excellent desktop wallpapers for Forefront Identity Manager 2010. Direct Link:

IDA Guys Blog

I am catching up on my blog roll, and I would like to shout out to a relatively new blog in the IDA space: The IDA Guys. +1 on “Never say it will only take Five Minutes” — the only task that takes 5 minutes is the one you don’t do …

Creating a Named Group and adding Persons as members

Leading announcement: I appreciate the feedback I’ve gotten from some of you about the API of the new client.  One piece of key feedback I want very much to incorporate is how we can unify accessing single-valued and multi-valued attributes.  Please send any additional comments my way. For this week’s post we see the benefits…


This morning’s post delayed until Monday

Preparing for TechEd has eaten up cycles to proof today’s post. I should have the cycles on the plane this weekend. In the meantime, download professional datasets from!